Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maybe I will Lois...maybe I will...

This show is unbelievable.

CW11, one of the only channels I get on TV is showing old episodes of Seinfeld each night from ten to eleven, the only time I might ever watch tv.

It is the episode where Jerry races his friend from high school, everyone gets labeled an communist and elene gets Ned the commy banned from hop sings after she "named names".

My favorite line has to be Kramer, turning over to communism, while being the Macy's santa. This kid says he wants a truck or something and Kramer tells him the companies are getting huge profit and reducing the total number of toys. So funny and true. Economics can be really interesting when you explain them in relation to simple situations.

The final scene is the race on the street where jerry wins again, set to the theme of Superman. Jerry says "maybe I will Lois... maybe I will...".

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