Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday Night...

... and I'm going on a Pub Crawl. Not since about second year university have I done a pub crawl and pubbing isn't the thing that I normally do but today I find myself absolutely excited.

First, it is my friend Jon's birthday and second it's been a crazy week. Spent Sunday at work, as I will again this Sunday... then hammered it out in the office.... then went to school... then had my physical...

I guess I should mention I had a physical for my insurance this week. That was fun. Good news is that I am a totally healthy. However I didn't need get any blood taken... or I would have fainted as usual.

Back to the crawl. Have no clue where we are going. I just have to show up at a certain Boston Pizza at 7pm and the rest will be history.

Wish me luck.

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