Thursday, January 29, 2009

I can't sleep

I wouldn't normally post this late but I can't sleep. This is despite the fact I was up at 5:30am to to the gym before going to work. Work was nuts (big release of product or should I say start of major marketing activities) and then I went to an undergrad marketing club event, so I didn't even get home until after 9.

I suppose that part of the reason is that I am just nervous/anxious about getting our new product out there. It's going to a very large number of people and communications of that magnitude have always made me nervous because if something goes wrong, it goes wrong huge.

The other reason is that I am mad at myself for being so wimpy lately. I can't believe that I have let people walk all over me in certain situations (work). There are always going to be people who see problems instead of solutions and I can't believe I let them get to me.

2007 was about getting into an mba program. 2008 was about finishing the mba but more importantly getting a job. And 2009 is supposed to be about doing the best I can at that job... yet I started off the year on a bad foot and I just realized it today.

I need to get to bed and get some rest. I have some work to do - scratch that -

I have some ass to kick tomorrow.

Good night.

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