Thursday, June 25, 2009

My thoughts on Perez Hilton

I think this past weekend in Toronto might have been Perez's peak and now he might be on the long descent downwards.

In case you don't know or have been living under a rock: Perez Hilton was in Toronto the Much Music Video Awards. He was hanging out with Lady Gaga, backstage, doing interviews, presenting and the like. He got into an argument with the Black Eyed Peas over comments he made on his blog. Apparently, he called Will.I.Am a bad name and allegedly got punched by the BEP's manager. There are pictures and video and comments about the incident everywhere, including Perez's site, which I link to here on my blog on the right.

I read his site multiple times daily and have for a few years now. During that time I have slowly watched him go from the outside to the inside. He started talking about bands and then they'd blow up, then he started plastering his site with mass amounts of advertisements and then I started to notice the personal relationships developing... and I remember one time when he posted a pic of him and some famous friends on the town like he was reporting on anything else. Then he starts hosting events, shows, judging...

So there is no doubt that he is an attention whore and a drama queen (and always has been) and this event has done nothing but thrust that into the spotlight and even as a avid reader of his site, I have to say that I can't help but feel this is the beginning of the end for him.

It happened late Sunday/early Monday and so I saw his tweets about needing police, calling 911, etc. before I knew what happened and even my reaction was that he was being too dramatic.

I think that inside, he regrets his behavior (at least I hope he does) but he's gone too far to go back and is stuck now being an ass. It sounds bad, but I always felt the Tom Cruise/Katy Holmes thing was the same way: They threw up a fake relationship, got called on it, but couldn't go back so they had to step up.

The law says that physical violence is never the answer. And this may or may not be true.

But there is another kind of law that governs the streets and it says that if you talk sh*t about somebody then you might get hurt. That same code says that if you call somebody a f*agg*t to their face with the intention of hurting them, you may get punched. And I bet if you took 20 average people off the street and gave them a rundown of the situation over half would say Perez was being a douche.

But people also need to remember that Perez's site not only trashes celebrities but promotes them. And Perez does have a point: If he likes something, he says so. If he hates something, he says so. For example, I know he's friends with Katy Perry and I have seen him both trash and applaud her on his site.

I think this issue is more of a reflection of our time. This whole issue sparked thousands, if not millions of videos, blog posts, tweets, newspaper articles, radio comments, RSS posts within seconds of occuring but what is it all?


Get used to it. It's 2009 and the noise level is not going to anywhere but up.

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