Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marketing is like a blanket

I was just reading over a bunch of stuff about Sales 2.0, Web 2.0 and all that jazz that sounds all fancy and it hit me that marketing is really like a blanket.

I say this because marketers are now trying to get next to and in tight with consumers. Marketers try to make you feel safe and comfortable so that you'll buy into what they are selling.

In 2010, marketing comes at you from everywhere, all the time. Using Twitter to stay connected, marketers are there. Walk to the store? Marketers are there. Surf the web, marketers are there. Talk to a friend, marketers are there. Read a whitepaper... Event marketing, behavioral marketing... all of these are designed to surround you with marketing messages. Some of them are overt and some are more subtle.

It seems to strike me that the heart of the whole social media thing is that it is all about communication, trust and familiarity. And this means that marketers now have the perfect means for making you feel comfortable with their brands. They have the same old tactics they always had but with social media rounding out the tactical tool belt they can now, more than ever get right up against you.

Ask a question about something and you're likely to get a friend request from a brand selling that product or service or a friend with a recommendation. Search for an answer and get to a message board. Need to learn something, find a sponsored Youtube video.

I'm actually pretty excited to see what is going to be the next big rockstar tactic after this one!

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Jackson Wightman said...

This is a great analogy. Kudos!

i think breeding comfort and warmth between and consumer and a product has always been the goal - from long before anyone ever conceived of Facebook of Twitter. The new tools have changed the way it is bred - now it is a two way process. That said the need to create the feelings engendered by a well made TV ad aren't going to be obviated anytime soon.

Nice post pal.