Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sales vs. Marketing

Now that I am getting experience in sales, I started to think about the difference between sales and marketing the other day. Here's what I came up with.

They are both the same thing because your ultimate goal is to create revenue for your company.

Where they differ is that I believe sales is more tip of the knife, so to speak, because you're trying to close on an one on one basis, often in person or on the phone.

Marketing is only slightly less one to one.

But in almost every other aspect they are pretty much the same thing. You have to select a target market, generate leads, develop those leads and then close on opportunities.

One thing I am really enjoying about sales is that it is very motivational... and by motivational, I mean personal motivation is KEY. With sales, you have to get up every single day and get after it. In marketing, you have to do the same but if you are good at marketing, you can set up programs and tactics that require only periodic attention.

Sales is day in, day out. And that's also why I say it is more tip of the knife. In sales, you can tell how you're doing pretty easily... in marketing, you have to wait for results to come back. It's like fishing, you cast a lure out there and see what you get. In sales, it's like fishing with your bare hands. You get a fish or you don't.

Business Development is also something I have been thinking about recently and I'll post about that soon enough...

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