Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do Work

I like to think that we are heading into a Work2.0 era where simply showing up isn't good enough.  I'm not actually sure if it's Work2.0 or Work 3.0 yet but I'm sure that it is NOT Work1.0.

It used to be that having a job was good enough.  It used to be that doing something was good enough but I think that we are now in an era where people will differentiate themselves largely on their ability to do the right things at the right time with the right amount of effort.

This concept really hit home for me in 2010.  Largely because I started to see a shift from thinking about strategy to thinking about doing or to be more specific, a focus on doing.

Julien Smith recently launched a that urges you to get to work.

Seth Godin talks less about marketing these days and more about overcoming dips and being indispensable.  Heck, Godin even starting selling a journal that makes it easier to "ship".

In the past year, bloggers across the world have started blogging continuously in the form of lists posts.

In predicting a big 2011 for the concept of gettin' er done.  I'm sure David Allen would be pleased.

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