Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Hate Social Media

I hate social media.

I hate the words themselves, I hate the platforms, I hate social media marketers, I hate social media consultants and I hate the whole concept of "social media".

I am finding it really boring.  It's the same lame stuff day in and day out:

  • Brands that have zero @replies in their twitter feed - thanks for talking to the air, must be fun.
  • People who live-tweet everything around them - thanks, but I'm sitting next to you (virtually or really sitting beside you).  
  • The thousands of "will it succeed?" blog posts that the release of a new platforms seem to spawn like Gizmo after a bath.
  • Content that masquerades as "help" when it really: states the obvious, is link bait or says nothing you couldn't learn in 5 minutes.  
What I love is people.  

Real people that say "thank you" and mean it.  Companies that offer a genuine helping hand "even though we don't sell food, here's where you can get great sushi".  Brands that put their employees ahead of their products.  

I don't really see how anyone could love social media.  Or why you'd want to work in social media.  

I specialize in people.  Meeting people, talking to people, interacting with people and, when called for, marketing to people.  

How about you?

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