Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Your Marketing Copy Meaningless?

I was walking into my office the other day and I noticed this sign on the restaurant door downstairs.  They have a second level and the first was closed "to serve you better".  I thought to myself "how does this serve me better?"

How often do we see marketing copy, or any copy for that matter, that is riddled with meaningless words?

At a time when attention is extremely hard to come by, why do we insist on wasting our audience's time with fluff?

Additional examples I see often include:

  • "We're sorry but..."   -anything after the "but" is meaningless
  • "To serve you better..." -why not just serve me better in the first place?
  • "______ leading" or "best-in-class" -doesn't mean much when you say this about yourself.
  • "revolutionary"  -please

Anything I'm missing?

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