Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Things Your Infographic Should Do For Me

These days, infographics are all the rage.  It's hard to look at your Tweetstream for even a minute without seeing one and most of the time, I find them to be completely useless. 

 In in the above example from Techvibes, everybody knows that everyone is on Facebook and I'm not surprised by this percentage given it's the most popular social network.   The infographic above is telling us what we already know - everyone is on social networks, social networking usage is increasing, most people are on Facebook and usage varies by age. 
If you are creating an infographic you should do these 3 things for me:

  1. Show me something new
  2. Show me something in a way that I haven't seen before
  3. Show me something actionable
Taking widely available data and presenting it in an uninteresting infograph doesn't really help anyone.  Worse, it is accelerating what I believe to be a prevailing situation where everyone is getting infographic fatigue. 

Have you seen any good infographics recently?

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