Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comments on last night...

I just spent some time re-watching the performances last night... and I have to say that last night's show was great. What makes this show so good is that on any night, people will step and pull out huge performances.

Brooke White, Carly Smithson and Chikezie pull it out huge. Brooke did "Let it Be", one of the best songs ever written and did well but should have gotten up from the piano for the last chorus.

I thought Chikezie's reworking of "she's a woman" was amazing. Watch how Ryan Seacrest reacts. He's a nutter.

Jason Castro, David Cook and Syesha Mercado were also pretty good. Amanda Obermeyer was also good but Michael Johns wasn't so great.

Now David Archuleta was not strong at all last night. Which makes me say that he is an american idol winner... I'm just not sure if he can win THIS season. I'm not sure that he's mature or confident enough in his skin to win. He was really akward last night and I don't know that he can do anything but the sappy emotional stuff.

Seems like Kristy Lee Cook is going home. I thought she should have gone last week but oh well. David Hernandez might also find himself in the bottom as well.

I think a few of the strong people surprised themselves with bad performances this week so watch out for next week.

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