Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two more, towards the door

Chikezie wasn't that great but he can still sing and will stick around for a few more weeks.

Brooke White screwed up the start of her song, that's a no no, even if you're David Archuleta. I felt her performance was kinda rushed a bit and she's good but she shouldn't hide behind the piano. Oh-kay.

But I hate when the show drags like this... it's what I hate most about these first rounds. It gets so much better around the top 6.

Michael Johns and Carly are up next... this should be interesting. MJ needs to pull up his socks or he could be in the bottom three.

PS. watching the ad with the new Madonna song. Gotta be the worst song out there right now. Can't stand it. Reeks of every other song Timba has touched and even if he didn't, it's got his sound all over it.

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