Friday, June 20, 2008

Canadian Idol...

For those who don't know, Canadian Idol picked their top 24 this week. You can see them here.

A few talented people in the bunch. Word on the street is that the producers went out to find unsigned indie people and encouraged them to be on the show... which makes sense as they didn't want the bunch of amateurs they have been getting in recent seasons here in Canada where the winner is usually the only person who was able to perform well consistently. Last year, the final was hilarious. A 16 year old blonde Elvis who shouldn't have made it past round 3 and a good singer that sounded like the lead signer from The Watchmen.

Those of you reading from the good 'ole U.S of A will have no clue who they are. Which is understandeable as we here in Canada have what they call CanCon (Canadian Content) rules that mandate a certain portion of media be Canadian programming. So - Canadian radio stations have to play Canadian music which means that bands often get big in Canada based on that.

Now I'm not saying The Watchmen were only popular because of this, but you see my point...

Today is Friday and I have finished week 3 here at Laplink. So far, I have been really having a blast. I get to be involved in everything from package design to product design to online marketing to business development. This is a great company with a great future and I feel really blessed to be able to participate in that.

However, let's see how I feel in a year from now after the Xmas rush is over.... hee hee.

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