Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top 12, part two

Tonight was the second half of the top 12.

Going first at this stage of the competition only makes it more difficult and tonight's first contestant was Jesse Cottam who did "Rebel Yell". Great song but he was pretty weak. Don't look for him to make it past the next two weeks.

Next up was Mark Day, aka the newf, he chose a quintessential girl song "How Do I Get You Alone" or should I say "Coming Out Without Saying You're Gay On National TV". He wasn't very good but might get the whole East Coast behind him...

I might as well say what I think about the Canadian Idol Judges... Farley and Sass are worth ignoring... Zack is an idiot and takes the focus off the contestants and puts it on himself and Jake Gold is usually spot on and I enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Jessica Sheppard did that "Get Here If You Can".. at least I think that was the name. She was pretty good but I wasn't really feeling the performances so far.

Ok so Shaun Francisco had big momentum in the auditions... he was sent home last year.... he did Coldplay's "Yellow" and re-arranged it a bit... he wasn't stand out amazing but very solid and has the chance to go pretty far. He's smart though and trying not to peak early (aka pull a David Archuleta). But he was playing a nice Gibson ES-335.

I have no clue what song Lindsay Robbins did but she was very average. She's the screaming rocking chick but it's not an original shtick. However I always admire people who just go for it.

Omar Lunan was next and wasn't that great... he has a good voice though.. he did "Every Breath You Take". so far though, nobody had really stepped it up and hit a home run..

Marie-Pierre did Amy Winehouse's "Trouble" which is a great tune but doesn't go over well with a french accent... they should just steer clear of the word "t shirt". She can really sing though and looked good up there...

The second Pigot brother has a great voice but performance wasn't that great. Song choice - Amanda Marshall's "Dark Horse" was terrible but he's going to be around.

Theo Tams was next and he was also really good in auditions. He did that "Apologize" song which was a really bad song choice for him.... he reworked it to make it as best as he could but please why do people pick these songs that can only be good as their original.

At this point the show wasn't as good as last night - at all.

Amber-Lee was country and pretty good but I was bored. She's like Jewel.

Adam Castelli has been a big favorite of mine and I think he could be in a band someday. He did the "The Mess-around"... classic boogie song which was a good choice. I think that is a Little Richard song or something.. anyways.. good performance. He's probably the only contestant in Idol history (US or CA) that I would actually have a beer with.

Katelyn Dawn was really good. She reworked "Hallelujah"... but Jason Castro owned that song on AI so no points for that choice... she should not have played the guitar though...

Overall tonight's show wasn't close to as good as last night's show. I think we might see one of people who performed near the start of each show go home..

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