Thursday, February 16, 2012

New IABC Podcast Up: Email Marketing

I started my "marketing career" working at an email service provider (a company that sends emails for marketers) and so it was great to be able to come back to email marketing in my latest episode of IABC Ottawa's podcast "The Voice".   Listen and learn more here

I wanted to talk about email marketing because I don't feel that it gets enough love.  Back in 2000, it was all the rage and was very much the "you gotta be doing it" marketing tactic so business was good for anyone in the email marketing field.  I used to help my clients be better email marketers and in doing so, developed and published many of the best practices still being used today.

Over the years, those best practices seemed to become written in stone and I was really enjoying DJ Waldow's recent thinking on how we should look to break those rules so I decided to invite him onto The Voice (the podcast, not the TV show) to talk about the relevancy of email in 2012 (it's as relevant as ever) and how to break the rules to get better. 

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