Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just getting started...

So I have just about passed the mid-way point in my internship and everything is going great so far... actually, I'm having an amazing time.

What is weird is that although I am only halfway done, the MBA program is really starting to ramp up again. A good number of the class is going on exchange so many of them are leaving either this week or next to get settled into their respective cities. Some are going to Barcelona, Milan, Rotterdam and I know some people going to Shanghai and Singapore.

As such, there are lots of people finishing their internships and gatherings to see people before they leave.

Also, the program itself is starting to get ready to accept the incoming class. The ISP program for foreign students starts any day now.... then they have pre-core in mid-August before they start classes after labour day.

Wow. I feels like I just finished school yesterday. Work has been fun but I feel like I'm just getting warmed up. The good news is that I'm staying on to work full time in the fall while I go back to school part time. Instead of finishing in December, I will finish in May and graduate with my class.

I will be in school a few nights a week and the odd weekend... unfortunately, I may not be able to take some of the good classes I wanted to take but that's ok... this is exactly where I wanted to be... and although it came a bit early... you gotta get on the train when it's at the station!

Take care and have a great weekend everyone. I'm going to see Dark Knight on Friday night, can't wait... then I'm going to meet some classmates.... then I'm either doing the Grouse Grind or going kayaking in Deep Cove with the gf... can't wait!

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