Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marketing at Movie Theaters

Going to see a movie is quite the experience. If you're going to a Silvercity type set up, as I did last night to see Disctrict 9 (great movie) then you're in for a real treat. Lights and sounds everywhere.

You are also surrounded by marketing. Posters, advertisements, magazines... on one hand you would think that you are there to see a movie but I actually believe you are there to be marketed to.

In order to get to your seat, you have to find your theater. On the way there, you walk past elaborate "set ups" promoting up coming features. Now I have to admit that these are often very clever. For example, the Woodstock movie had a black light poster.

Once in your seat, you are subjected to a rolling series of ads and "advertainment" type screens that pretend to ask questions about celebreties. "Which star of the upcoming movie about George's Hamilton's life grew up in Texas? Answer: Renee Zellweger who stars in ____ out this month!".

For the first time ever, somebody actually got up in front of the audience to "pitch" us something. It was somebody from St. Lawrence College talking about finding jobs... I was so shocked that I couldn't really catch what she was saying, but I have to hand it to them... pretty clever but not sure how many people would have been receptive.

Then, the "movie" finally starts but first you have to get past a number of "real" ads like you'd see on TV. However I have noticed in every movie I have seen recently that Coke seems to play that ad with the eyeball and toungues at least twice in a row. Do they have any idea that this is annoying??

I work in marketing so I get it. And I know that advertising prior to movies does get attention... but I just wonder why I have to pay for the movie and then have to suffer through all of the advertisements.

I am starting to think that there might be a niche market developing for a movie experience that is advertisement free....

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