Monday, August 31, 2009

What I'm watching...

People always ask me what TV shows I watch so I thought I would write a bit about a few of them here.

True Blood: At first I thought this was a "Twilight" rip-off, but it's not even close. True Blood is set in modern day Louisiana and vampires (and more) actually exist and interact with humans. The True Blood vampire isn't exactly like the vampire you might know (if they drink your blood, you don't become one and vice versa). It is on HBO, Sunday at 9pm.

Hung: Takes place in modern day Detroit, which means that everything is falling apart, and is the story of a guy who becomes a male prostitute because he is down on his luck. I think that you will be disappointed if you think this show is about prostitution because I think it is really about relationships. The relationships between family, friends, co-workers, a city and its people, a country and its economy and most of all, the relationship will all have (or don't have) with money. HBO, Sunday at 10pm.

Nitro Circus: Is what would happen if the guys from Jackass actually knew what they were doing. Travis Pastrana and his friends do insane stunts like backflipping a motorbike between two buildings and jumping out of planes without parachutes. Now on Season 2, you can watch episodes on Can-con: at least one of the cast is Canadian!

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: Imagine that you are a super rich pro-skateboarding who just finished three seasons of a hit show called Rob and Big. What do you do next? Build an office, skatepark, foam pit and more inside a huge warehouse in L.A. and film yourself doing whatever you want. Season 2 just started and you can watch episodes at

Mad Men: Probably the best show on TV. Blogged about it a bunch of times... 1960's advertising agency in Manhattan. Sunday nights, AMC. 10pm and 11pm (repeat).

Entourage: just tweeted about how this show is fading fast....

The Aftershow: Anyone who really knows me will attest to the fact that I am pop culture fanatic because I find it strangely fascinating. Like watching a car accident. I also think Dan Levy and Jessi Cruikshank have great chemistry and are hilarious in that they often see the same lameness in celebrities that I see. Airs Monday to Thursday on MTV but like all their shows, you can watch at

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