Monday, August 3, 2009

So Long Vancouver

This will probably be my last post from Vancouver. I am in the process of packing up, selling and giving away as much of my stuff as I can, so that I can get back to Ottaway on August 12th.

Vancouver has been a great city to work in but the reality is that there are more opportunities in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal than there are in Vancouver.

Selling my stuff on online has been interesting. It's like looking for a job and my goods are no different than myself. I create an online ad for the item (like a profile on LinkedIn), somebody calls that is interested (like setting up an interview), the come over to see the item (interview) and then decided if they want it or not (ie: make an offer). Sometimes they are not interested, sometimes they don't call back and sometimes they buy.

And much like the job market, I think the market for second hand good is suffering from over-supply right now. Talent, much like jobs, can be a real bargain in these days. I think that most hiring firms understand this and so they aren't too quick to make offers. Others are more careful with their money, as it too is hard to come by these days. Still more are in no rush to do anything at all.

Smart firms, like smart people, are taking this time to stock up on good deals. When things pick back up in a year or two, I think the economy is really going to start buzzing again.

So, what can I say to sum up my time in Vancouver? It was a real roller coaster ride.

I arrived in August 2007, had to deal with find a place to live, moving in and getting set up. I started school at the end of August and Orientation was a blast. The Core was intense and lasted through early December. Then it was time to find internships and I ended up with a full time job. Last summer was great, the fall was also pretty good but then once the economy got really bad everything started to fall apart. Doing school part time was demanding, work was even more so and the next thing I know, I am graduating from school and my office being closed.

However, finishing school and moving from Vancouver marks the end of what I would refer to as the second phase of my life. The first was until the end of university, the second will be until August 12th when I move back and the third... well... that is waiting for me.

I am going to be an uncle for the third time in 2010. I am going to be able to ski more and enjoy my free time more. I want to get more serious about biking so I'll get an awesome road bike. I am going to start painting more again as well. And I am going to get a great job that really kick starts the next phase of my career.

Will I miss Vancouver? Of course.

Vancouver is an amazing city. The weather is not even nearly as bad as people think... in fact this summer has been unbelievable. There are great restaurants, bars, beaches and parks. British Columbia is by far one of the most beautiful and diverse provinces I have visited and I am really glad I got a chance to live here for a few years.

It's been great Vancouver. Good luck with the Olympics!

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