Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol - on the outs?

There is much talk today of the recent L.A. Times article on the falling ratings American Idol.

You can read the article here. A must read, I believe, for any fan or non-fan of the show.

In short, the article's headline is "Ominous Signs for American Idol". So what are those signs?

  1. Ratings are down 7%
  2. Show has lost 1/5 of women audience 18-34 and about the same with kids 2 - 11.
  3. Last week's two shows with Mariah Carey got the worst ratings for Idol - ever - for the core demographic of adults 18-49.
The author goes on to talk about how the show still draws over 24 million views and points out that most other shows are down over 10%.

What do I think?

Simon Cowell said that this year's show is suffering from boring contestants and lackluster song choice.

I have to agree.

There were a number of weeks where many of the talented performers chose crappy songs and then went on to under-perform.

David Archuleta is probably going to win this year and I still stand by my thought that his version of Imagine was unreal but he's BORING. He has only one gear - emotional slow jams. He has negative dance moves and he has very little personality.

Many of the other performers like Brooke and Jason choose to sit and play instruments... David Cooke is a total douche... So, while I think that there is a talented field this year, many of them are older more seasoned performers who can consistently deliver ok performances because they have been singing in front of people all their lives.

These older boring performers are NOT going to appeal to the young kids so I am not surprised they are dropping out... and once Michael Johns got booted, I am not surprised that the women dropped off....

Either way, this all means that tonight's show is going to be interesting.... too bad I have class!

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