Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back to Reality

Well, I'm back from my quick visit to Langley. Learned a few great things:

1: The U-Pass is gold. The U-pass is subsidized by UBC and costs me only $22 a month. I was able to get out to Langley with no hassles on my U-Pass in only 1h45m. Pretty nifty.

2: In order to combat loitering, the Langley 7-11 blasts French CDs on their outdoor speaker system. I don't know what is funnier... the fact that it works or the fact that they have chosen French music. Here is some video I grabbed.

On Tuesday night, my friend and I watched American Idol (of course). A few of them killed it, some of the didn't and a few of them are on the bubble this week for sure... Carly could be one of them. I didn't watch too much Idol Gives Back last night because I had work to do.

Last thing of note about my trip was the pizza we ordered from a place I have never heard of. It's chain from the U.S. called Me & Ed's. Amazing pizza... certainly not cheap but really tasty. The interior of the place is really swanky and they have a great bar and lots of big TV's. So far, they have locations in Burnaby, Coquitlam and Langley in BC. I didn't get a chance to ask where else they were going but my friend and I discussed their strategy...

I have always agreed with the saying "take one thing and do it better than anyone else" and it is easy to see what Me & Ed's is doing... taking pizza and doing it better than anyone else. I just wonder though... is now the time when people are going to start paying significantly more for a pizza?

It seems like suburbia is awash in chain restaurants. If you wanted to, you could eat a different type of food at a different chain any night of the week and pizza has been getting pretty close to being a commodity recently that I really doubt Me & Ed's will be able to distinguish themselves from everyone else fast enough to justify what I'm sure was a huge investment by the franchisees. Either way, the pizza was great and I wish them the best of luck.

If you see a location sometime, I recommend you stop in and try it out.

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