Saturday, April 5, 2008

Period 2 = Done

I have now completed the second of three 6 week periods before we start our summer internships.

My classes for this period were Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Business Strategy and Strategic Human Resources. Two of them were amazing and two of them weren't.

Which pretty much sums up the MBA experience.

Doing an MBA can be both amazing and terrible at the exact same time. You have days where you have classes that are really engaging and filled with great discussion but the class right after will be completely useless. The range of experiences you have each day is unbelievable.

Having the opportunity at this age to go back to school has really been great. In school, you get to try different things out and approach problems in new ways with very few negative consequences. Sure, you might get a bad grade or waste some time but I would argue being able to fail, learn from your mistakes and turn around and try it again is an important skill that everyone needs and I really appreciate being able to do this in an academic setting.

What isn't so great is being out of the job market. It's hard to sit in class while the world of business, or in my case marketing, moves forward all around me. I am really starting to look forward to taking what I have learned here back out into the job market.

To that end, it is time to find an internship. From what I can tell so far, it's an uphill battle here in Vancouver. There isn't as much marketing here as back in Toronto and marketing in Vancouver is done by very small teams. I think I have a great number of skills to offer them so it's just a matter of getting to yes.

Today is Saturday and other than this post, I am resigning myself to taking the day completely off.

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