Monday, April 28, 2008

My Mobile Destiny

I started reading Dan Steinbock's "My Mobile Revolution" today and have managed to read about a good quarter of the book already.

Highly recommended reading for anyone thinking about getting into Mobile technology.

It's funny, whenever I talk to people about mobile technology or the mobile industry in general, they bring up the operators... Rogers, Telus, Bell Mobility.

I think the book does well, on about page 4, to show mobile operators are, in some ways, becoming less important as time goes on.


In the U.S., you have $99 all you can eat type plans. In a few years, we will see this in Canada and at that point, your mobile operator will simply be the pipe through which you access content. All kinds of plans based on weekday and weekend minutes will probably be old news.

So your relationship with your mobile phone company will probably end up being like your cable provider... except there is still the point of hardware and software. Will the mobile operators use the fact that they currently provide both of those things to keep us hooked on them?

Most likely. I would bet that most people have never paid anything close to the retail price of a new phone - unless you have broken or lost your phone - so we're completely spoiled.

And this question is what I am currently mulling over as I work on my relationship marketing assignment.

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