Sunday, April 6, 2008

West Meets East - Buntzen Lake & Shabusen

With school over for this period and a weekend off, Shirin and I went to Buntzen Lake on Saturday afternoon.

Buntzen Lake is about 30km outside Vancouver up in Port Moody. It is a BC Hydro reservoir and has lots of interesting and challenging hiking trails.

What makes Buntzen Lake so amazing this time of year is the fact that the trails are fairly empty so we were able to take an amazing 3 hour hike through the beautiful forest alone. Dunja had an amazing time and really enjoyed being able to run around and explore.

It was still nice when we started out but the air was fairly wet. It started to rain slightly as we were ending our walk but it made for an interesting afternoon that really showed off what is so great about living out west - you see things you don't really get to see back east - huge trees covered in moss.

After we got back, we met some friends for all-you-can-eat sushi and Korean BBQ at Shabusen, which is at Granville and 13th. I had never been and wasn't expecting the food to be that great but I have to admit that I was wrong - the food was great. We ordered a bunch of sashimi and a few rolls while cooking up a few plates of meat. Warning: ventilation isn't as good as it should be so we came home smelling like food.... which made Dunja highly interested in my jacket when I took it off. In most other Korean BBQ places they have vents right above the cooking surface but not at Shabusen. My guess is that it's all part of the experience...

Either way, it's Sunday morning now and I'm off to enjoy my last day of freedom for a while. Starting tomorrow it's back to work!

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