Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Google has their hooks into me....

It's starting.

While I have always had a gmail account that I used for email delivery and contest testing, and just recently started up this Blog, I am starting to get sucked into the world of Google.

I have always used their search but for some reason, never thought about it so while Google might think of their search as a great way to get people, I think it's their suite of solutions outside of search that create the "sticky" points in our relationship.

The blog was a great way for them to amp up the interaction... I start looking for ad ons to my blog to make it more interesting and in doing so, ran across Reader. While it appears to be nothing more than RSS reader, I like that they make it so easy. I was able to search and find some great feeds in a matter of minutes.

Now it seems like they have hit that tipping point where I am actively searching out for their other solutions.

Could this be the end of my longstanding affair with MSFT?

One of the reasons I am still with hotmail is that I can send emails from my @alumni.sauder.ubc.ca domain through web-based hotmail. I tried to upgrade to their LiveMail application but couldn't do that one feature and switched back so they lost me... perhaps for good.

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