Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol Recap

I just finished watching last night's Idol show... interesting... this week was the songs of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

First thing that hit me was the fact the Andrew Lloyd Weber has got to be one of the best mentors they have ever had on the show for the contestants. He was insightful, helpful and I really feel that he gave each contestant solid advice that helped lift their performance. In Carly's case, he was smart enough to see her song wasn't working after one line and urged her to change to her second choice.

But this might not have been the best week for show tunes... at a time when the show is getting press (as I previously posted about) about ratings, they have a theme that I would say doesn't really appeal to everyone.

Anyways, Syesha was amazing but she has a background in musical theater so that was no surprise. But that's a problem for the show because she is going to be huge on Broadway.

Jason Castro did Memory from Cats and I thought it wasn't all that bad but he shouldn't' have sat down the whole time. He will be bottom three.

Brooke is a train wreck and screwed up the first verse and had to restart - major no-no. She might be going home. I admit I was glad to see her screw up as I believe she acts too cocky during the comments from the judges.

David Archuleta was classic David. Carly did Jesus Christ Superstar and rocked. Both were boring though.

The final performance was David Cook. He did music of the night and it was ridiculous. It was like watching a douchebag, play a douchebag but come off looking like a douchebag. I can't stand him. Send him home... please.

Bottom three tonight should be interesting. Obvious are Brooke and Jason Castro... and I wonder if the third might actually be Carly... should be interesting to see who it is.

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Unknown said...

All aboard the david cook for king douchebag award bandwagon.